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Bulk Materials

We carry a full range of quality bulk materials including mulch, topsoil and compost, stone products, hardscape materials, and sod. All bulk products are sold by the cubic yard (CY).  We can load your truck here or deliver directly to you.  Please call the Garden Center to discuss prices and to place an order.

We also offer a U-Fill option for our bulk material, where you fill up a 5-gallon bucket/container. The cost for this is $5 per bucket filled; however, if our assistance is required, there will be an additional cost.

Please choose your stone and mulch product carefully. Once stone or mulch is delivered, it cannot be moved or exchanged. If placing an order for delivery, please be very clear about the delivery location. We strongly recommend coming in to look at our sample bins and stone piles. You are welcome to take small samples to be sure of the stone you are selecting. Because it is a natural product, loads may vary slightly in size and color.

Helpful hints:

  • A full-sized pickup can carry 2.5 CY of mulch or ½ to ¾ cubic yards of topsoil. 

  • A small pickup can carry 1.5 CY of mulch or ¼ to ½ cubic yard of topsoil.

Cubic Yard Calculator


Single Ground Mulch

Coarse, undyed shredded hardwood. Usually dark brown in color.

Playground Fiber

Uniform 1 inch pieces. Light tan in color, spongy, and splinter-free.

Double Ground Mulch

Finely shredded undyed hardwood. Excellent dark brown color.

Recycled Wood Chips

Aged arborist chips for garden mulching; call for availability and details. 

Bulk mulch.jpg

Bulk mulch. Left double ground, Right single ground

Compost and Topsoil

Holding Soil

Screened Topsoil

Agricultural soil salvaged from barn sites in Cayuga County. Excellent for lawns and grading. Screened to remove rocks and clumps. 

Mushroom Compost

Byproduct of mushroom farming. Great for garden beds and vegetables. 

WeCare Compost

Municipal compost for commercial use. Made from many sources including green waste, biosolids, food waste, and more. 

Cayuga Mix (1-1-1)

A mix of equal parts topsoil, sand, and compost. Improved soil blend developed at Cornell.

Leaf Compost

Made form decomposed leaf litter. Great for shrub, tree, and evergreen plantings. 

Stone Products

#1a Crushed Stone (Grits)

Used as a bed for stone and brick pavers. It is also used in combination with #2 crushed stone as a driveway.


#2 Crushed Stone

Used as a base for walls and paving due to high compaction and drainage. Also used as top dressing for driveways.


#2 Gravel

Used for walkways, driveways, decorative hardscapes, and drainage.



Primarily used as decorative mulching and drainage. Specialty cobbles available including Mexican Beach stone.


#1 Crushed Stone

Used in driveways and walkways for a tidy top layer. Also a good drainage stone.


#1 Gravel

Used for walkways, driveways, and decorative hardscaping.


Fine Crusher Run

Excellent as a solid base for any hardscape project. Minimum 4" depth for walkways, 8"for driveways.



Large irregular rocks used along shorelines, streambeds, and foundational structures to prevent erosion. 

IPhone photos, Commercial, milstein, tiger glen, etc_edited.jpg


We sell a tall fescue sod blend that is more drought tolerant than traditional blends. It is sold in 2’x 5′ pieces. Please call the Garden Center for price and availability prior to coming out.

We also sell bagged grass seed in various sizes. 


Flagstone, pavers, etc.

We sell top quality stone products for all your hardscape needs. We have sawn and thermalled flagstone and Blue Stone, Llenroc wall stones, brick pavers, Belgian block, fieldstone, and more. Prices are based on the shape and size of each item. 

Techo-Bloc - Blu 60 mm - Vineyard (3).JPG

Boulders and Quarry Block

We sell Adirondack Granite, Seneca Stones, Canadian limestone block, local mixed boulders, pitted limestone, "Scholar Stones", specialty boulders, and other unique and unusual stones. Take a walk around our property to view examples as many are used in displays.

Blue Wonder Catmint with Seneca Stone - Client (2).JPG
Cubic Yard Calculator

To determine how many cubic yards you need, follow this formula:

Number of Cubic Yards = Length (in feet) x Width (in feet) x Depth (in feet) ÷ 27

Simply multiply the three dimensions* together to find the number of cubic feet, then divide by 27 to find the number of cubic yards. 

*Note: All dimensions must be measured or converted into feet. For curved areas, envision the area as if the boundaries were straight lines to calculate an approximation.

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