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For Residential Grounds Maintenance, view our Services section.

Our Design Office works on Residential Designs and Commercial Bids.

Residential Design

By choosing to work with Cayuga Landscape Company, you have made a decision to work with a reputable and responsible company in business for over 45 years that stands behind its plants and workmanship.  CLC’s designers are qualified, imaginative, and ready to help you envision your particular outdoor living design. 

  • Horticulturist Consultation at Cayuga Landscape – Our Garden Center staff is knowledgeable and able to offer suggestions for your garden. Please call ahead to make sure a horticulturist is available. 

  • Designer Consultation at Your Home – One of our designers will visit your home to evaluate your site conditions and suggest design solutions. The goal is to suggest creative approaches to creating a beautiful low-maintenance landscape. An introductory consultation costs about $100 for a local property.

  • Landscape Site Design – Our designers can create a fully color-rendered plan of your property at 1 inch equals 10 feet, or an enlargement of a smaller garden feature. The process requires several meetings, and is generally charged at our hourly rates up to a maximum threshold.

example of a landscape site design

Commercial Bids

We are interested in all commercial bids within a 30-mile radius of Ithaca. We have worked closely with some of the top General Contractors in the Northeast to accomplish some truly stunning designs. We have done a great deal of projects at Cornell University and projects throughout the community, such as the entire Tompkins County Airport, and many of the new landscapes at Cayuga Medical Center.

We have an impressive record when it comes to moving large trees, green roof installations, rain gardens, sports turf fields, timber stairways and walls, and segmented block retaining walls and pavers. Our capable crew members are also experienced in stone and carpentry work. View our portfolio for more examples.

We have all the necessary resources to finish a project to meet your deadlines. We are powered by an experienced staff, a fleet of 30 vehicles, and a dozen pieces of heavy equipment. To complete specific tasks, we have specialized equipment such as rock-hounds, hydroseeders, and treespades.

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Cornell's Africana Memorial plaza. The hardscape and plantings were donated by Cayuga Landscape Company.

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