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Our Guarantee

Our main goal is for you to be happy. We sell the highest quality plants and stand by our work.
IF WE DO THE PLANTING, the plant is guaranteed for one full calendar year from the date of purchase.
IF PLANTED BY THE CUSTOMER, the plant is guaranteed through the end of the calendar year.
- Our plants are guaranteed to grow, be true to name, and be healthy and free of disease and insects at the time of purchase.
- We do not guarantee against deer damage or other types of physical injury. Please let us know if you need deer fencing or would like us to set up deer fencing for you.
- It is VERY easy for a newly planted plant to die from a lack of water. Click here for our planting and watering guidelines. We do not guarantee any plant that died due to lack of water.
- Perennials, Roses, Grasses, Groundcovers, Peonies, Annuals, Houseplants, and Bulbs are not guaranteed. 
-Any plants sold at a heavy discount (greater than 20% off retail) are not guaranteed.
- Please SAVE YOUR RECEIPT!  We need it to process the guarantee.

Within the terms of our guarantee, we will be glad to…

- Replace with the same plant, if available.

- Allow credit for the amount paid to be used towards another purchase.

- Refund the amount paid.

If you notice any problems with your plant, give us a call or send us an email as soon as possible. If we determine that it is covered under our warranty, we will ask you to dig up the plant and return it to us. 

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