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Garden Supplies

Bagged Products

We carry a variety of local products to keep your garden looking its best:

  • Beck's topsoil and compost

  • TLC (Fessenden Dairy) composted manure

  • Beck's shredded hardwood mulch

  • Beck's pine and cedar mulches

  • Miraclo-Gro potting and raised bed mixes

  • Espoma Organic potting and garden soil

Plant Nutrition

We carry everything to keep your plants fed and looking their best:

  • Espoma organic fertilizers

  • Miracle-Gro plant food

  • Jack's classic fertilizer

  • Neptune's Harvest fertilizers

Holly-tone is our favorite all-purpose fertilizer.

Plant Health Care

We carry everything to keep your plants healthy with many organic options:

  • Spongy moth protection

  • Aphid treatments

  • Powdery mildew treatments

  • Japanese beetle traps

  • Copper fungicides

  • Insecticidal soap and hot pepper wax

Watering Supplies

Watering is essential for any garden:

  • Dramm wands and attachments

  • Soaker hoses

  • Connectors, shutoffs, quick-releases

  • Sprinklers

  • Zero-G hoses

  • Kink preventers

  • Hose repair

  • Watering cans

Animal Repellents

Deer and other animals are no match for:

  • I Must Garden repellents

  • Urine granules

  • Liquid fence

  • Deer and rabbit fencing


We stock high quality tools perfect for any gardener including:

  • Felco hand pruners

  • Corona hand pruners, hand saws, scissors, and loppers

  • Rakes

  • Shovels

  • Bamboo gloves

  • Bulb planters

Pottery shed.jpg
Pottery and Statuary

We carry the finest Campania pottery and statuary. Whether you need a beautiful pot for your houseplant, or a striking focal point in your garden, we've got you covered. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available at our Garden Center, or they can be purchased over the phone. The gift card can be mailed to you, directly to the recipient, or picked up at the Garden Center. We can even add a personalized message!

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