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Farm and Nursery

At our Bundy Road farm on Ithaca’s West Hill, we grow almost all of the trees we sell here at Cayuga Landscape Company. With 25 acres of growing room, some trees grown include: Crabapples, Maples, Pines, Oaks, Willows, and many more. The trees are grown in the area, and thus are naturally acclimated to our growing conditions here in Tompkins County. When moved to our nursery at CLC, the trees are transplanted with minimal stress to the tree, ensuring long term survival.

We also operate a 90-acre farm in the hills of Enfield which produces hay and sustainable forest products, such as: natural Black Locust fence posts, riven Maple picket fencing, cleft Oak gates, woven wood hurdles and more. We also own and operate McKissick Farms, a 78-acre farm, forest, and Garden Center in Lansing.

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